Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Dead tiger found

Photo of dead tiger horridly mangled as it appeared on Times of India and other local dailies, April 2009

Tiger kill

Buffalo killing by a tiger, 2009
Proof of sambhar killed by a tiger, TOI February 2011

Buffalo killed by tiger at Charavane, TOI February 2011
Cow killed by a tigress at Pansule-Charavane, TOI October 2009

Tiger sighted recently!

Tiger worship in Goa

Masan Devi Temple, Narve-Bicholim where tiger is worshipped as the second deity
The Vaghro-dev temple, Dongurli inside the Mahavir National Park, near Collem. To trace this temple one has to trek from the Collem railway station into the forest area. After walking for few hours and crossing a stream, you will witness this temple. It is totally ruined and also there is no shelter to protect this idol.
It is believed that the villagers of this area started worshiping tiger deity as a means to convince him in order  not to kill their cattle, when they are out for grazing.

Tiger worship by the villagers of Ambaulim

Tiger in Goa

Presence of tigers in Goa right from the Mhadei in the North to Canacona in the South is a known fact.